The animals we care for and interact with reflect our own issues. We benefit greatly by paying attention to their spirits and their stories, because they are excellent teachers.

A Toolkit for Thriving – EFT, Qigong Healing and Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF)

Like gifted musicians, EFT, Qigong and Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF) each have solo strengths in restoring wellbeing. EFT offers gentle release through tapping on meridian points. Medical Qigong Healing clears and balances the body’s energy using movement and touch. Precision IMR rejuvenate at the cellular level through specific electrical frequencies.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), part of Energy Psychology, is clinically proven effective in well over 100 clinical studies to address stress-related issues. Its premise is that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system, which causes behavioral issues, anxiety, stress and physical issues in humans and in animals.

To work successfully with animals, we must also work with their handlers and owners. Very often, people’s issues trigger animal behavioral or emotional problems. Or, animals’ stress is simply reflected back to the owner.

Clinical EFT is an exciting technique that is becoming widely used to help overcome a wide range of psychological and physical problems. EFT has been explored and demonstrated to be an effective energy psychology technique in many studies and writings.

Inspired by centuries-old Chinese energy work, my Qigong sessions harness the body’s Yin/Yang rhythm to soothe and rejuvenate your pet. Gentle techniques tailor-made for animals help release stuck energy and tension while nourishing depleted reserves. As their energy channels open, Qi flows freely again – inviting self-healing and enhanced wellbeing.

The Healy Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs are designed to support wellbeing through harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field. 

All three modalities work well used together or if used individually. 

“The Art of Energy Alignment offers keen insight into a being’s soul and spirit, whether the being is a human or an animal. All the processes we use deepen understanding of each other and ultimately reveal how we are interwoven. ”

Sabin Aell

Topics I Can Help You With


Building Confidence

Fear, discomfort and similar reactions causes a spike in various stress hormones in dogs, like cortisol. EFT is a stress reducing modality and calms the nervous system and brings cortisol levels down. You can help them to get there. Being confident means that your dog can take life’s daily stressors in stride. 


Performance Stress

Over 50% of all performance dogs experience too much stress in the ring. They will pick up on your stress and expectations and either stress up or down. Let’s work together and turn it into a fun game.


Over Arousal

The right level of arousal will give an agility dog the edge needed to complete a course faster – however over arousal would throw them off their game entirely. I help dedicated partners harness their dog’s natural drive into centered focus. Getting the balance right, is key to success. As blocks dissolve, dogs reconnect to their body’s inner radar, settling into the zone. Let’s talk – together we can help your athlete fully thrive.


Peeing outside the Litter Box

Medical issues can cause your cat to pee outside their litter box but it can also be emotional stress or frustration. EFT is a simple way to find out and remove  the cause.



Anxious and shy animals are common. There are so many impressions they don’t understand. Anxiety can occur in animals from any background. Separation anxiety is most commonly seen in pets. Help your animal to settle with the tools in my toolbox.


Dog Escaped

Clinical EFT works excellent with escaped or lost animals. I experienced this with my own dog when I was in Costa Ricca and my dog escaped the sitters home. 


Dog Car Stress

Many dogs look forward to riding in the car, other dogs dread the experience. Symptoms include both behavioral and physical signs, like: Resisting to jump into the car,  looking for a way out; whine, drool or even vomit, trembling or shivering. Help your dog to be at ease and enjoy a car ride. There is a solution!


Trust Issues

At times, when dogs lack trust, they may chose fight over flight. This means that instead of engaging in avoidance behaviors, these dogs may choose to use aggression when they are over their stress threshold. Find out with me what their triggers are and remove them from their bio-energetic field.

Main Services


EFT Coaching for your Animal

Eft targets emotional and behavioral issues, performance blocks, health related challenges, stress, and anxiety. 


Qigong Healing for your Animal

Energetic Body Work based on the meridian system of the physical body balances and rejuvenates.


Healy - Microcurrent Frequencies Therapy

Harmonizes your animal’s bioenergetic field in a simple, versatile, and holistic way. It promotes peace and provides inner and outer strength.


Workshops & Seminars

Coming Soon.


What Clients Are Saying

"First time when I was stuffed into this box with wheels and it started moving I was so afraid. I was not sure where I was going and what was happening. My stomach turned and saliva run out my mouth like a river. Humans around me were very upset with me. I just felt awful. When I met my forever mom she immediately saw that I was not car sick but totally stressed. I am not sure what she did but I started to feel so much better when hoping in this box on wheels. Two weeks later I was confident and could go anywhere. Now it's my favorite spot and my mom has to drag me out. Hahah!"


“Last week I didn't feel good. I was wheezing all afternoon and could barely breathe. Stacey was concerned that I would have something serious. She asked Sabin to see if she could help. Sabin was gently waving her hand over my head while I was sitting on my roost. I started to feel lighter and just after 3 minutes I noticed that I was not wheezing anymore - what a relief! Qigong helped me quickly and could help your best friend, too - cluck, cluck...”


"I am Mo. I am the cool kid from the Foothills. The only thing I am not cool about is going to the vet. I totally rebell going to the vet! And lucky me I didn’t have to go last week. I had an eye infection - they burned. My mom made me lay down. She moved the energy around my head and pulled stuff out my eyes - it felt good. My left eye immediately got better. The other one needed two more sessions before the burning and gooey stuff stopped popping out of my eyes. So happy I did not have to go to the vet - wuff wuff..."


“I got upset tummy very often. Since my mom does Qigong on me and runs Frequency Programs for me, I feel so much better.”


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