About Sabin

Working with animals is a dream come true - nothing is more rewarding as to see them thrive in partnership. Our relationships with animals mirror unlimited potential.

Mo, forever in my heart!

My journey as a Energy Practitioner started very early with the question why am I here and what is my plan. I wondered what meditation is and I started my adventure with visiting every esoteric shop I could find to educate myself with books, books and more books. I explored Transcendental Mediation and Hatha Yoga in Vienna before expanding into Bach Flowers, Sound Healing, Cell Salts, Medical Qigong Healing and Clinical EFT in the US.

In 2016, I attained my Qigong Healing certification under the exceptional mentorship of Robert Peng. He is an internationally renowned Qigong Master capable of generating healing energy through his hands with power equal to a potent electrical charge and was an incredible Master to learn from. 

After Clinical EFT certification in 2020, I continued my training. Past Summer I received accreditation with Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) with Dr. Peta Stapleton. With over 27 years of clinical expertise and an Associate Professor post at Bond University, Dr. Stapleton stands at the forefront of EBEFT and advances as a pioneer and published author.

I started applying these modalities with pets and my own competitive dogs. I find great joy in uncovering the root causes behind animal behaviors and imbalances. My holistic toolkit along with intuition guides me in creating customized solutions to restore calm and comfort for pets.

I’ve successfully supported animals struggling with:

  • Anxiety, Trauma
  • Muscle tension
  • Mental Balance
  • Skin irritation, hot spots
  • Gastro-issues
  • Eye problems

Animal sense our energies and mirror our emotional imbalances right back at us. When working with them, we automatically have to adjust our behavioral patterns in order to be successful.

My ultimate goal is simple – to help as many pets live their healthiest and happiest lives. The animals we love bring us such gifts of loyalty, fun and love – I feel privileged to give back through my healing services.

Makk beat his own record several times at CanAm 2022, with his best time being 3.8s
Makk and me at CanAm Classic, competing at the nations largest Flyball Tournament in Indianapolis.
Makk and me at CanAm Classic competeing at the nations largest Flyball Tournament in Indianapolis.

Interacting with pets grants us self-awareness and an opportunity for personal growth—by cultivating inner calm and balance within ourselves, we see positive change echoed in our animal companions. As our energy shifts, so does the dynamic in these relationships and in the spaces we co-create.

My energy medicine toolkit helps us to evolve together, addressing focus, tension, frustration or fatigue interfering with flow. This work keeps us resilient – ready to share our competitive passion fluidly through an ever growing bond of trust. I’m love elevating their eager efforts to shine. Our shared adventure reveals the extraordinary spirits animals offer if we take the time to listen and lift them up.

Yoshi and me at a recent Agility Trial in Colorado
Yoshi and me at a recent Agility Trial in Colorado, performing a running dog walk.

Concerns We Address


Dog's Car Anxiety

Help your dog ride with ease—and even enjoy car rides!

Although many dogs love riding in cars, others dread the experience. Symptoms are both behavioral and physical, including resistance getting into a car, attempting to escape, whining, drooling, vomiting, trembling or shivering. We have the solution!


Performance Stress

Does your animal all-star forget to bring their game face on trials day? Pressure can quickly dampen a dog’s enthusiasm. Small victories build confidence as they remember that they were born to play. Let help your best friend reconnect with their fun-loving spirit and win competitions!


Focus Issues

Does your dog get distracted easily, with emotions running hotter than brains? Have you tried all sorts of training—but nothing helps? Let’s identify their stressors and resolve them together!


Cats Wake You at Night

Midnight munchies got your kitty meowing? Let’s work together so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.



Anxious and shy animals are common. There are so many impressions they don’t understand. Anxiety can occur in animals from any background. Separation anxiety is most commonly seen in pets. Help your animal to settle with the tools in my toolbox.


Dog Escaped

Clinical EFT works excellent with escaped or lost animals. I experienced this with my own dog when I was in Costa Ricca and my dog escaped the sitters home. 


Confidence Issues

Is your dog often shy, insecure, or fearful? Dogs’ nervousness manifests in several ways. Some dogs lunge or bark at whatever is frightening them, or hunker down and freeze until the scary thing goes away. Other dogs show more subtle signs of discomfort. Together, we can build your dog’s confidence. 


Trust Issues

At times, when dogs lack trust, they may chose fight over flight. This means that instead of engaging in avoidance behaviors, these dogs may choose to use aggression when they are over their stress threshold. Find out with me what their triggers are and remove them from their bio-energetic field.
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