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Canine Athletes and Animal Wellness

Is your pet struggling with stress, anxiety, trauma or physical discomfort?

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We can help pets feel better—with evidence-based, gentle healing.

We combine:

  • Clinical EFT
  • Microcurrent Frequncies
  • Qigong Healing

Concerns We Address


Dogs Car Anxiety

Help your dog ride with ease—and even enjoy car rides!

Although many dogs love riding in cars, others dread the experience. Symptoms are both behavioral and physical, including resistance getting into a car, attempting to escape, whining, drooling, vomiting, trembling or shivering. We have the solution!


Confidence Issues

Is your dog often shy, insecure, or fearful? Dogs’ nervousness manifests in several ways. Some dogs lunge or bark at whatever is frightening them, or hunker down and freeze until the scary thing goes away. Other dogs show more subtle signs of discomfort. Together, we can build your dog’s confidence. 


Stress from Vet or Groomer Visits

Nervous pups, stressed at vet or grooming visits, find calm and relief through complementary energy practices. A few sessions of EFT and Qigong will have even the most excitable dog relaxed in no time!


Cats wake you at Night

Midnight munchies got your kitty meowing? Let’s work together so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.


Performance Stress

Does your animal all-star forget to bring their game face on trials day? Pressure can quickly dampen a dog’s enthusiasm. Small victories build confidence as they remember that they were born to play. Let help your best friend reconnect with their fun-loving spirit and win competitions!


Focus Issues

Does your dog get distracted easily, with emotions running hotter than brains? Have you tried all sorts of training—but nothing helps? Let’s identify their stressors and resolve them together!


Over-arousal is Impeding Performance

With optimal arousal, dogs have the edge in competitions, performing rapidly and accurately. However, over-arousal throws them off their game dramatically. Getting the arousal level right is key to success. We can work together to harness your dog’s natural drive into centered focus. As blocks dissolve, dogs reconnect to their inner radar and settle into “the zone”. Let’s talk! We can help your animal athlete fully thrive.


Separation Anxiety

Home alone anxiety got your dog down? Don’t worry—we have holistic help! With a bit of detective work, we can crack this case to uncover and address your dog’s panic triggers. We offer tailored treatment plans and gentle, drug-free therapies to relax your dog’s nervous system and make alone time feel safe.

About Me

I’m Sabin Aell and I help animals be their best.

Sabin Aell is an accomplished Energy Practitioner with extensive training in holistic healing modalities. Her journey began with a deep curiosity about meditation, leading to esoteric studies including Bach Flower Remedies, Sound Healing, Cell Salts, and more.

Sabin’s credentials include a Qigong Healing certification in 2016 under the tutelage of internationally renowned Qigong Master Robert Peng. In 2020, she became a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner. Most recently, Sabin received accreditation in Evidence Based EFT (EBEFT) from Dr. Peta Stapleton, Associate Professor at Bond University in Australia and pioneer in the field with over 27 years of clinical expertise.

Applying her multi-disciplinary holistic toolkit, Sabin specializes in providing customized energy healing solutions for pets and animals. She has successfully supported animals struggling with anxiety, trauma, muscle tension, skin irritation, gastro-issues, eye problems and more. Her approach focuses on uncovering the root causes behind animal behaviors and imbalances through techniques like Qigong, EFT, and intuitive healing.

With the combination of several modalities, I help you to deepen your relationship with your animal and understand them better.


What Clients Are Saying

"Sabin is a very strong and gentle soul and energy - she was able to hold space for me revisiting a scene from my past I had with my dog - she is definitely a safe space and person to go to to help heal the past that keeps you stuck - thank you Sabin!"

Cassie M. , USA

"My cat Mia refused to eat when I left for my last vacation last summer. When we tapped it came up that she missed me and didn’t know if I would come back. She was very confused. She was not alone ,y son took car of her. Through the tapping we were able to calm her and ensure that I would come back. The very next morning, my son told me, that she was eating again with great pleasure. With just one tapping session we had fast success and I was able to enjoy my vacation again."

Birgit G., Linz/Austria

"I can’t recommend Sabin enough. If you have ever done EFT (Tapping) before you know how effective it can be. She takes it to a whole new level. I had experiences in my youth that held be back. Whenever I would think of them I was right there, with all the emotions attached to it. Going through the process with Sabin she was so thorough when I think of the event I can see it from a distance and all the aspects involved without the emotion. I describe it as taking yourself out of the movie and just watching it with an unbiased view, therefore freeing myself from the energy holding me back from the things I desire in life."

Julie L., CO/USA

"EFT is a fantastic method to break deep rooted emotional blocks to gain strong physical and mental health. Sabin supported me professionally on my path in a very empathic and sensitive way. We started workin with my dog Harry, but it quickly became evident that I needed more help than he did. With her help I was able to release numerous of triggers permanently and my wellbeing significantly increased. "

Katie H., Calgary/Canada

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