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Canine Athlete's and Animal Wellness

Do you and your dog want to perform your best? Do you  want to give your animal companion what they need, help them move through  stress, behavioral issues and pain – My service, a combination of Clinical EFT, Microcurrent Frequencies and Qigong Healing will help you to achieve that. Find out more and book your 1st free 20 min discovery session now!

Evidence Based EFT

Topics I Discuss


Dog Car Anxiety

Symptoms include both behavioral and physical signs, like: Resisting entry to the Looking for a way out; panting salivating and licking of the lips, licking his paws, trembling or shivering, fidgeting vocalizing. Help your dog to be at ease and enjoy a car ride.


Confidence Issues

Do you have a dog who seems shy, insecure, or fearful about certain things? Nervousness in dogs can manifest in different ways. Some dogs lunge and bark at whatever is frightening them, some hunker down and freeze until the scary thing goes away, and others give more subtle signs of discomfort. We together can take steps for building confidence in dogs.


Peeing outside the Litter Box

Your cat pees out the litter box and you don’t know what to do? There could be medical issues but often the problem is stress related. It can be often a simple thing that throws your cat off. Lets help your cat to enjoy her business stress free.


Your cat wakes you up at Night

Let’s find out why your cat wants food at 3 am and let’s get your quiet night of sleep back.


Ring Stress

Your dog performs well in class but stresses down (shutting down, being slow) or up (over-arroused with focus issues) in the ring? help your dog to work on stress reduction and release one issues at a time.


Focus Issues

Your dog gets easily distracted and can’t focus and emotions runs hotter than their brains?  You have tried all sorts of training and nothing seems to help? Let’s look at their mental stressors  that need to be resolved.



Your dog has anger issues? There are lot of forms of aggression: conflict, fear-based, defensive, possession, food guarding and possessive aggression. Let’s discover what lies behind and help them get into balance.


Separation Anxiety

You can’t leave the house and your dogs tries to go through walls to be with you?

About Me

I’m Sabin Aell and I help animals to be their best.

I compete with my dogs in several dog sports and there are always challenges to face. EFT, Qigong Healing and Micro Frequencies Therapy has helped them emotionally and vibrationally to be balanced. I have used those modalities also on physical issues like sore muscles, warts, eye issues, upset stomach and many more successfully.

With the combination of several modalities, I help you to deepen your relationship with your animal and understand them better.


What Clients Are Saying

"Sabin is a very strong and gentle soul and energy - she was able to hold space for me revisiting a scene from my past I had with my dog - she is definitely a safe space and person to go to to help heal the past that keeps you stuck - thank you Sabin!"

Cassie M. , USA

"My cat Mia refused to eat when I left for my last vacation last summer. When we tapped it came up that she missed me and didn’t know if I would come back. She was very confused. She was not alone ,y son took car of her. Through the tapping we were able to calm her and ensure that I would come back. The very next morning, my son told me, that she was eating again with great pleasure. With just one tapping session we had fast success and I was able to enjoy my vacation again."

Birgit G., Linz/Austria

"I can’t recommend Sabin enough. If you have ever done EFT (Tapping) before you know how effective it can be. She takes it to a whole new level. I had experiences in my youth that held be back. Whenever I would think of them I was right there, with all the emotions attached to it. Going through the process with Sabin she was so thorough when I think of the event I can see it from a distance and all the aspects involved without the emotion. I describe it as taking yourself out of the movie and just watching it with an unbiased view, therefore freeing myself from the energy holding me back from the things I desire in life."

Julie L., CO/USA

"EFT is a fantastic method to break deep rooted emotional blocks to gain strong physical and mental health. Sabin supported me professionally on my path in a very empathic and sensitive way. We started workin with my dog Harry, but it quickly became evident that I needed more help than he did. With her help I was able to release numerous of triggers permanently and my wellbeing significantly increased. "

Katie H., Calgary/Canada

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