Healy -
Individualized Microcurrent Frequencies (IMF)

The Healy device uses a quantum sensor to read your pet's unique energy field. It delivers customized microcurrent frequencies targeted to rebalance unsettled cell vibrations that support optimal wellbeing.

Cells stay healthy when vibrating between 62-70 MHz. Below 62MHz, cells can mutate and cause illness.

The Healy device scans your pet’s energy field to customize gentle electrical signals that rebalance unsettled frequencies. This nudges cells back to optimal vibrancy.

This technology harmonizes your pet’s whole energy system tied to physical and emotional health. Restoring natural rhythm and flow revitalizes mood, mobility, and vitality.

The Healy is operated with a smartphone or tablet. The IMF can be delivered with electrodes or without the electrodes. The frequency programs are grouped into categories such as Pain, Sleep, Fitness, Mental Balance, Meridian Balance, Chakra, Learning, etc. A frequency program may have one to multiple frequencies  between 5.5HZ to 1mmHz. A Healy is operated with a smartphone or tablet.

Many people consider their animals to be among the best friends in their life. IMF helps to support your pet’s wellbeing, promotes calmness and provides inner strength for your pet.

Healy modules for Animals

Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.

-Albert Einstein

I you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy and frequencies.

-Nicola Tesla

Effects of Microcurrent on Your Pet's Wellbeing

Increased amino acid transport


Amino acids are the building blocks that form proteins during the process of protein synthesis

Increased protein synthesis


Protein synthesis is the process by which cells make proteins, creating physical life from the central DNA blueprint in each cell.

Increased ATP production


ATP (adenosine triphosphate) stores energy in the cells, like gasoline in a car’s tank. It is  produced by mitochondria, the cells’s power plant

According to an animal study by Ngok Cheng et al., microcurrent frequency application has shown positive effects on an animal’s state of wellbeing. By addressing bioenergetic imbalances before they escalate into discomfort, you can ensure your pet remains happy and healthy.

Concerns We Address


Dogs’ Car Anxiety

Help your dog ride with ease—and even enjoy car rides!

Although many dogs love riding in cars, others dread the experience. Symptoms are both behavioral and physical, including resistance getting into a car, attempting to escape, whining, drooling, vomiting, trembling or shivering. We have the solution!


Performance Stress

Does your animal all-star forget to bring their game face on trials day? Pressure can quickly dampen a dog’s enthusiasm. Small victories build confidence as they remember that they were born to play. Let help your best friend reconnect with their fun-loving spirit and win competitions!


Litter Box Avoicance

Uncover the underlying cause and tap into EFT’s detective power! By releasing pent-up frustration and addressing potential health triggers, a few compassionate taps on meridian points can uncover why your kitty is potty protesting.Don’t lose hope over improperly placed kitty puddles – call in EFT to get to the messy bottom of that pee-bellion!


Over-arousal is Impeding Performance

With optimal arousal, dogs have the edge in competitions, performing rapidly and accurately. However, over-arousal throws them off their game dramatically. Getting the arousal level right is key to success. We can work together to harness your dog’s natural drive into centered focus. As blocks dissolve, dogs reconnect to their inner radar and settle into “the zone”. Let’s talk! We can help your animal athlete fully thrive.



Your pet companion is hiding behind walls of anxiety? Anxious and shy animals are common. There are so many impressions they don’t understand. Anxiety can occur in animals from any background. Help your best furry friend to settle with the tools in my toolbox. Together we can gently unravel tension knot by knot until curiosity overcomes caution.


Dog Escaped

Clinical EFT works excellent with escaped or lost animals. I experienced this with my own dog when I was in Costa Ricca and my dog escaped the sitters home. 


Confidence Issues

Is your dog often shy, insecure, or fearful? Dogs’ nervousness manifests in several ways. Some dogs lunge or bark at whatever is frightening them, or hunker down and freeze until the scary thing goes away. Other dogs show more subtle signs of discomfort. Together, we can build your dog’s confidence. 


Trust Issues

At times, when dogs lack trust, they may chose fight over flight. This means that instead of engaging in avoidance behaviors, these dogs may choose to use aggression when they are over their stress threshold. Find out with me what their triggers are and remove them from their bio-energetic field.

EFT, Qigong Healing, Microcurrent Frequencies are a complimentary healing method!
If there is a severe Illness a health professional needs to be consulted.

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